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Trash Picker
Short story
I Want to Live!
Performed by Genevieve Black

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Frank Diamond is a writer of short stories, novels, essays, and songs. A life-long resident of the Philadelphia area, the gritty city is the common backdrop for his cast of strivers, outsiders, and grudge-bearers who struggle to make the best of troubled circumstances that they helped to create. He has been compared by readers to Flannery O’Connor and John O’Hara.

Frank’s novel The Pilgrim Soul was published in 2007, and a collection of short stories, Damage Control, was published in 2005.

Frank’s poem, “Labor Day,” has recently been nominated for a Pushcart Prize Award. His short stories have appeared in Innisfree, Kola: A Black Literary Magazine, Dialogual, the Madras Mag, Reverential Magazine, Empty Sink Publishing, the Zodiac Review and the Fredericksburg Literary and Arts Review. He has had poetry published in Philadelphia Stories, Fox Chase Review, Deltona Howl, Artifact Nouveau, Black Bottom Review, and Feile-Festa.

Like his hero G. K. Chesterton, Frank is known for a popular series of columns on faith and ethics. These essays were published in the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.

He lives in Langhorne, Pa.

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