Overheard at the Dog & Bull in Croydon, Pennsylvania

That’s when I fell from awe and fashioned hell
When HE told ME—the light-bearer—of his plan
To enter history as this thing called man.
Man, that was just too much for me to stand.
What would you do if your boss told you
To report to the Worm? To run it by the Ant?
So this angel of light lit out. Damn! Damn! Damn!
I may be one big-ass crybaby (Dante’s claim)
But I am the sower of the sinner’s stain
And though I can not hack into middle vision
Forget not hell’s gates were forged by my decision
Think your struggle ends the moment when you die?
You can escape my temptings? Simply wave bye-bye?
Everything I say to you cannot be total lie
Hoping your reward mean’s endless boring bliss?
Noble pride downfalls where you flow. I should know.
And eternity means never letting your guard go low
I tell you this for your eyes will one day open
To find the bill for what I drink but forget we’ve

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