C and the Boulevard

I curse the Devil
And he welcomes me home
You talkin’ to me?
You lookin’ at me?
Fear churns inside unceasing
Becoming a low-grade anger
Or the better angels … at Greasy’s
Dizzy, Ziggy, Porter, and Fink
Donna, Linda, Trifecta, and Slink
Stickball and tagging summer’s fit
Schoolyard dents found, “You’re it!”
O Lady of the Concrete
O Lady of the Asphalt
O Mother of Tomorrows
Affliction so becomes you
I cannot obliterate the self
Cannot chew my own teeth
Past aftertaste lingers still
I live! I live! I live! (I blink.)
Grant me peace, grant me peace
Give me an everlasting treat
Do for me, I do for you
O Lady of Disclaimer
O Lady of Delusion
O Mother of Obfuscation
Seven years of famine troll
Since I took my last vacation
The Devil curses me
And welcomes me home
God cannot make us love Him
And we cannot leave Him alone

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